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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The Sorceress

{Photo taken without included prop}

Tis the season for more spells, receipts and white magik, 
Summer solstice! 

This Prop/pose set from Image Essentials is totally adorable! 

Featuring 6 poses within the prop, and also modify, so you can tweak this set to your own choosing as well!

So many options... Do you go with the full set? Or do you challenge yourself and try to create your own scene? 

You can pick this set up now either on Marketplace, or Inworld, for 350L

Rachiie is wearing:

~ Head and Eyes~ 
 Genus Classic

~ Skin and lipstick ~
Le'tre - Any skin
Lips - Powder pack Genus December 2018

~ Hair ~
Limerence - Rosaly

~ Dress~
Dead Dollz, Holiday Gown {past group gift}

~ Hat ~  
 1313 Mockingbird land - Ostara Hat {past group gift}


Decor List

Dustbunny - Gacha - Wiccan Artistry.
Smudge sticks, Runes, Making smudge sticks, bowl of crystals, herb bottles.

Apple May Designs - Spooky potion bottle with skull

Ionic - Cauldron, forest potion bottle

 Angelic Designs [Ostara's Blessing] Pentagram Roots

The Plastik - Lale Morter & Pestle

DRD Spiritualist shoppe, Magick shoppe, and voodoo shop pieces for Shelves, table, rug, voodoo staff, and building.

~ Sim ~
Mythical Serenity Photography Sim
Free Rez rights, pick up when done. 

Friday, 14 December 2018

Flirting away at Southern Roots!

Image Essentials has created a double set, sold separately, that's cute,sweet and sassy for Ebento 

Party flirt, V1 {on the left hand side of every photo} Modeled by Rachiie
and V2 {on the right hand side of every photo} Modeled by Kota

Both of these sets come with 5 poses, and mirrors, PLUS an additional pose hud for those tricky no-rez zones for 300L per set.

 Ebento starts on the10th of December

After the event, they will be available either in store, or marketplace

Rachiie is wearing:
~ Head, Eyes ~
Genus Project Classic head
~ Skin ~
L√Čtre - Any
~ Hair ~
Doux - Lolli
~ Puffer vest and turtleneck ~
Just Because - Arwin vest,  Azia sweater
~ Jeans ~
Blueberry - DWL Classic skinny jeans
~ Shoes ~
Flite - Solo Snow boots
Kota is wearing :
~ Head ~
LAQ Noelle
~ Skin ~
Session skins - Fiona
~ Eyes ~
[theskinnery] - suadade eyes 7
~ Hair ~
Truth -  Halona
~ Top ~
Tori's Stylez - Not so nice xmas sweater

~ Pants ~
Vinyl - Lavigne Snowboarders pants and boots

Taken at Southern Roots 
Public Access sim, and rentals.
Free group join for rez rights

Monday, 10 December 2018

Santa baby... comin down the chimney tonight

Waiting for Santa is HAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!

Luckily for us, Image Essentials has been hard at work, creating this pose set, that comes inside a cute prop chair so we can fidget and wait impatiently to our hearts content! 

The Chair comes with 20 different cushion cover colours to choose from! Great for getting that pic JUST right! 

8 poses inside to get your creative juices flowing.....

Or to get you cussing because you simply cannot choose!

This pose/prop is available at Designer Showcase from the 5th December, until the end of the month.
After this it will be available in store, or marketplace.

Designer Showcase SLURL 

Costing 350L for the 8-poses and prop, I consider it very good value for money! 

Rachiie is wearing:

~ Head, Eyes, Makeup & Skin~ 
 Genus Classic
Skin - Amara, clean skin {gacha, rare}

~ Hair ~
Truth - Ginevra (Truth VIP gift, November 2017) 
with VIP bangs added.

~ Jumper ~
Fakeicon -  Worst xmas gifts gacha, Ugly xmas sweater {Rare} 

~ Boots ~  
 N-core, Winter boots


Wednesday, 5 December 2018

OH NUUUUUU Norty Wiki!


Little Wiki was a bit norty this year.
She saw pretties under the tree and curiosity got the better of her.
I am going to tell Santa not to come to our house!

If you know another little person (or big for that matter) who just CANNOT help themselves this time of year, this new set from Junk food is JUST the thing for your house.

Get on down to Sanarae for these cool items before 17th December, when the event closes.

Comes in 5 separate packs,  The Slaystation, Hexbox, the LED TV, and peekaboo boxes, which come in either "snow" which is red toned presents, and original, which are the blue toned presents. Both of which have rez or hold versions.

All items are sold separately, at a cost of 200L each

if you miss them at the event, keep your eye open on either teh Mainstore, or Marketplace.

Wiki is wearing:

~ Outfit ~
Tori's Stylez - TSK collection (xmas set)
Includes shoes and tights, in Toddledoo and Kids sizings


~ Hair ~
 [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Yoko hair (group gift)

~ Ribbon ~ 
Baby Princess - Hairbow from Katie outfit (older item)

 Something new - Halloween cookies
(comes inside a prop, i took the pose out and re-purposed it!)



Monday, 26 November 2018

Take a seat and relax

Two set of poses are ready for you from November round of ebento for 300L per set. 


Take a seat version 1 and 2 are currently available at the event, which runs until the end of the month, (which isn't long, so hurry!) after which you will be able to find these poses either inworld at the main store or on marketplace.

 These pose sets are sold separately! 

To the left you will see V1, the right, V2. 

Each pose set includes 5 poses, plus mirrors, to be able to get the exact angle you need for those pics AND an easy to use hud for no-rez ares! 

After the event these poses will be available in world, at the Mainstore, or, on Marketplace.

 Image Essentials Mainstore
Image Essentials Marketplace 

Rachiie is wearing: 
~ Heads ~
Genus Project, Baby and Classic. 
Baby is on the left of every picture, and classic is on the right.  
Genus Project 

  ~Skin ~
Left - Egozy - Madison (group gift)
Right - Not found - Emma
Not Found

~ Hair ~
Left - Stealthic - Ivy
Right - Doux - Sorcha Stealthic

~ Outfit on the left ~
Dead Dollz - Le smoking
Shoes - Similar - Octavia steel (group gift, exclusive colour, other colours available instore)
Similar Italian Footwear 
Dead Dollz  

~ Outfit on the right ~
Bodysuit - Adorsy - Sophie
Jeans - Addams - Silvia Ripped Boyfriend jeans
Shoes - Similar - Venezia (group gift, exclusive colour, other colours available instore)
  Tattoo - White widow - Wonder
Similar Italian Footwear
White Widow 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Party time!

The long awaited moment is here!

Genus Classic head went from Beta, to full release, and she brought along her friend, Baby to celebrate! 

 What a surprise for all beta testers today! 
Genus announced the full release of the beta classic head, which we were all chomping at the bit to get our hands on to begin with, whilst also becoming increasingly excited as we all realized there was something ELSE lurking on the horizon too, but Anna and the team at Genus decided to give us all heart attacks of joy, by sneakily slipping the NEWEST head by Genus, Baby, inside our "beta" redelivery box as a little, no, wait, HUGGGGGGGGGE, thank you for helping iron out the wrinkles in the head during the beta project. 
Yes, for the last 5(?) or so months, while all us beta testers were all falling in love with the newest baby on the grid, they were hard at work.

Trying to keep up with notecards, fixing our betabugs, building a mainstore AND quietly creating a cute little follow up release for grand opening/release day on sim. Things must have been MADNESS behind the scenes!

Available NOW, both heads, at a cost of  5500L EACH, sold separately.
(only the beta testers got both heads in the one box, as a thank you)

Baby head on the left: 

~ Hair ~
Doux   Water 

~ Dress ~
Eliavah - Serenade 

~ Necklace ~ 
Swallow - Magic 

~ Eyes ~
Avi-glam - Fine eyes {group gift, 5L join fee} 

~ Skin ~
Egozy - Madison {canelle tone} 

Classic head on the right

~ Hair ~
Doux - Medea  

~ Dress ~
Mossu - Sophia 

~ Necklace ~
Supernatural - Hyuna 

~ Eyes ~
Avi-glam - Soulful - Lagoon {gacha}   

~ Skin ~
Not found - Emma {bronze tone}
body skins from Theskinnery
Not found main store  
theskinnery mainstore { body appliers } 

~ Both Bodies ~ 

 ~ Pose ~
 [ west end ] Poses - Peace & Love - Friends Pose 1 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Oh Gee! Image Essentials is making us giggle again!

As soon as I saw this pose, I HAD to have it,,, Granted it took me a while to actually blog this cool prop/pose set, but all RL stuff aside, I finally got it done! 
Yay me!

This prop/pose set contains 3 couples pose inside a beautiful red couch, along with the candy rings, as transfer, for easy picture taking! 
Did I mention that the candy ring has a colour changer script inside it? All you do is click the ring, and select from one of the MANY colours in the blue drop down menu, and VOILA... Bob's ya Auntie!
(That means everything works out the way you want it to, for the non-Australians) 

You can pick up this fun prop/pose from Designer Showcase from 5th November, 2018 until the end of the month for 300L.

After then, you can find it on Marketplace, or Inworld, at the mainstore.

Rachiie is wearing:

~ Head ~
Genus Project - Beta 

~ Skin ~
Not found - Emma

 ~ Ears ~
Swallow - Pixie ears

~ Eyes ~
Avi-glam - Soulful eyes gacha, Lagoon

~ Body ~

~ Hair ~
Doux - Lily 

~ Rings and Nails ~
Real Evil - Piper {rare}
 ~ Necklace ~
Earthstones - Solitary diamond

~ Dress ~
Dead Dollz - 

~ Tattoo ~
CarolG - Flying Flowers

Ray is wearing:

~ Head ~
Vista - Gerad

~ Skin ~
Clef de Peau

~ Eyes ~ 
Lotus - Bronx gacha, Grey

~ Body~ 

~ Hair ~
Doux -

~ Suit ~
Tori's Stylez - Vyper

Photos taken at Mythical Serenity Photography Sim.
Free rez rights, please pick up when you are done!